Extraction System
Conical bottom silo


What is the purpose of the HYDRACONE ?

The HYDRACONE system is a conical discharger that can be used to extract heavy or light, powdery or fibrous products, dry or wet, with a low natural flow capability, stored in conical bottom silos.
The HYDRACONE is a HYDRAUGYRE FOR CONICAL silo, it works with a hydraulic transmission. An Archimedean screw driven by a hydraulic motor reclaims the cone of the silo, with a second hydraulic motor powering the planetary rotation. This system encourages the FIRST IN, FIRST OUT unloading principle.
for conical silo from 2,5 to 5m diameter, 30 or 45° angle and flow rates up to 150 m3/h (Depends on the type of product)
ATEX OPTION, High Temperature (150°C), INOX 304 ou 316L version, use of food grade oil possible.

An ECO-RESPONSIBLE concept through the use of biodegradable lubricants.